Story behind

Mogul skiing has gone through major changes over the last decade. The mogul course spec, the event format and the judging criteria have all changed. The General level of skiing is progressing year after year. Skiers are becoming faster and more technical. So, they require high-tech and purposeful tools under their feet. Current skis were designed more than ten years ago. Does it make sense? If you reply NO, I suggest reading the rest of the story below.

What makes us different?

For  a  start,  we  measure  all  the  mogul  ski  models  we  find.  In addition to this, we carefully study other freestyle and racing skis and their specific features.  We  received  quite  a  lot  of data  about  the sidecut  shape,  flex,  length  of  the running surface, boot centre mark and so on. After all, we had to innovative. Camber and sidecut shapes make a real difference for professionals. Due to the gentle camber curvature  on the tip  and  tail,  the gliding  surface  is  shorter  than  standard  mogul  skis.  The sidecut  shape  and dimensions  are  wider  compared  with  others.  More  agility  without  losing  stability.  Impossible  to combine? NO.

What makes us innovative?

A general trend is to choose shorter skis to make jumping easier, but it is made at the cost of other features - stability  and  balance  decrease.  We  are able  to  maintain  overall  agility  without cutting the length of the ski while stability and other features still remain.

Our  unique  shape  of  the  camber  gives  more  balance  when  jumping.  Gentle  camber  curvature  on  tip causes a smaller ”bow”-effect when hitting the air bump. The larger surface area and a wider waist  of the ski helps  land  cleaner jumps  .  The  extra  length  does  not  add  any  weight  because  of  the  high-tech materials  we  use.  The  heaviest  and  strongest  materials  are  located  under the  boot to reduce  swing weight. 

We  do  not  make ”race  stock”  skis,  so  all  of our  customers  are  able  to  buy  completely  similar skis  to the ones World  Cup  skiers  use.  If  you  are  not  a mogul  skier  or  not  skiing  moguls  all  day  long,  the  same  skis offer great all-mountain riding for those who like charging on groomed slopes, too. 

From  the  very  beginning,  we  have  received  feedback  from our  customers  and  sponsored  athletes and other test skiers. Our  skis  are  proved  to  be  strong.  The  most  important  advantage  and  the  difference  compared  to other brands is the stability. The skier can really rely on Shaman Skis on moguls. They are very stable and trustworthy. Test Shamans, and we guarantee you will notice the difference.

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